Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Trevean Cove - Photography Week 42 (2016)

Having got back into the saddle with the first post of 2017, I have still have unpublished posts from last year sitting uncomfortably in the draft box. This one goes back to late October (week 42, 2016) and a trip to Trevean Cove in Cornwall.

Trevean Cove is situated on the South West Coastal path between Perranuthnoe and Cudden Point. A short diversion from the path is required to reach the beach and a rocky shelf with a view of Mount's Bay including St Michael's Mount.

My first visit to Trevean Cove was during the afternoon and despite some bright sunny spells, St Michael's Mount was mostly without direct light and a bit hazy. Thinking that morning light would be better I returned a couple of days later at first light:

When I arrived at the cove it was still dark. I watched dawn break across the bay and captured the deep blues that characterise long exposures at this time of day:

Later, as the sun started to rise, it gradually crept towards the cove. At times the brightness across the bay was hard to manage, particularly with the number of white (or light coloured) buildings:

These were the results from the first visit to the cove a couple of day earlier. In this set, it was the direct light on the foreground that was more difficult to manage:

Finally, for context purposes, these are two shots from the coastal path above Trevean Cove. The first looks towards Cudden Point and the second in the opposite direction towards St Michael's Mount:

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