Sunday, 30 October 2016

Burbage Rocks - Photography Week 36 (2016)

Strong blustery conditions drove me away from Stanage Edge to the more sheltered Burbage Rocks (or Burbage Edge). Walking back to the car I passed the unusual sight of a large red sofa next to the pathway - it certainly wasn't the day to sit back and enjoy the view or for filming (which I assumed was its purpose).

Later in the week I found this link and all was explained:

Conditions were more comfortable on Burbage Rocks for photography and I started by focussing on some abandoned millstones. Most of these are in the vicinity of a disused quarry which cuts into the Edge:

At this time of the year there is side lighting on Burbage Rocks with views across to Higger Tor or further up the Edge towards Upper Burbage Bridge:

The direct light disappeared shortly before sunset but there was a pleasant afterglow:

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