Saturday, 18 June 2016

Pastel Hues at Godrevy - Photography Week 20 & 7 (2016)

Photographs taken from the beaches at Gwithian and Godrevy have been a recurring theme during my time in Cornwall. I have felt that it should be ideal for landscape photography with wide open beaches, wet sand reflections, rocks, rock pools, cliff top views, and an island lighthouse as a background focal point.

Gradually as I become more familiar with the location I have started to build a small portfolio of images in different conditions with the aim of selecting the best ones for my website. Adding to the collection are a number of photographs taken during week 7 in February and week 20 in May 2016.

Both sets have some fine pastel sunset hues in conditions that were great for landscape photography. My only slight hesitation was a subtle sea mist in May which has reduced the overall clarity in some of the shots:



Friday, 17 June 2016

The Lizard - Photography Week 19 (2016)

We spent a very pleasant sunny afternoon at the Lizard, walking along the cliff path and enjoying the wonderful spring wildflowers. The thrift was particularly vibrant:

Colour on the cliff face:

Bluebells, three cornered leeks, thrift, pink and sea campion on the cliff top:

Polpeor Cove and the disused lifeboat station - obviously taking account of the many warning signs!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Penryn Harbour Walk - Photography Week 19 (2016)

In addition to the images of the Andvari, these are a selection of other photographs taken whilst walking from Penryn Harbour towards Flushing.

St Gluvias Cemetery

The harbour path passes through a pine covered cemetery which is part of the historic parish of St Gluvias dating from the 6th century. The chapel and a number of the gravestones date from the mid 19th century:


I passed a number of dinghies lined up on the shoreline and stopped to captured these textures of cracking fibreglass (and a sorry looking one-legged Teddy!):

I often wonder whether images of textures and surfaces have a general appeal. It might be a photographers' (or some photographers') subject only. I certainly get a few curious looks at times and the odd person asking what I am taking pictures of - they seem none the wiser when I explain!

For anyone with an interest I would recommend a great book by Polly O'Neil - Surfaces and Textures - A Visual Sourcebook (A & C Black Publishers, 2008)


More surface and texture shots of the workshops on the outskirts of Flushing and a couple of reflections:

Egret & Orchid

I spotted this Egret in Gorrangorras Creek. Even at 400mm it was small in the frame but I was surprised at the sharpness after a large crop. Also nearby was an early purple orchid (Orchis mascula).